Not My Father’s Son

Um dia falo-vos sobre audiobooks e como ouvir audiobooks mudou a minha vida para melhor.

Hoje, trago-vos só mais uma review de um audiobook que terminei esta semana, sobre o actor Alan Cumming. Está no Goodreads também.

Not My Father's SonNot My Father’s Son by Alan Cumming

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got this as audiobook.

Although I knew who Alan Cumming is, I had never seen a movie with him in it, nor did I know anything about him besides the fact that he is an actor and some news I came across regarding him and LGBT+ rights. This book was really enlightning; it records mostly the abuse he was inflicted on by his father as he was a child and how he understands his life looking back at all he’s been through. It also features a really nice mistery about his mother’s father and more details regarding his life as an actor, as well as some of his relationships.

I really enjoyed this. It isn’t only an interesting tale, Alan’s reading is spell-like.

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Carina Pereira

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